Our Favourite Treks

Rinjani (3,726 MASL)

Mountain Smoke

Semeru (3,676 MASL)

Taman hidup

Argopuro (3.088 MASL)

The Longest Mountain Trail in Java


Trekker holding Indo flag

Kerinci (3,805 MASL)

The Highest Volcano in Indonesia & South-East Asia

Indo trekker adventurer

Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 MASL)

Mount Jayawijaya – Papua (1 of World of 7 Summits)

Enjoy adventurous trekking at the beautiful locations of Indonesia with INDO TREKKERS. We are offering affordable Trekking Services in Indonesia that allow everyone to have an amazing experience of discovering nature by trekking.

We organize our trekking tours in the most beautiful locations in the Indonesia where you will encounter the active volcanoes. You will also get the chance to capture the beautiful scenes of ethereal landscapes and make your trip memorable.

As a reliable service, INDO TREKKERS provides great guidance to the trekkers and reveal the hidden truth about the place that will transform your tour in adventures one. Our tours also allow people to get in touch with nature and enjoy every moment with the great guidance of INDO TREKKERS.

Tour Types

Multi-day guided Mountain & Volcano trekking tours

Indonesia boasts some of the most stunning scenery in Asia. On one of our multi-day trekking tours you'll have the chance to see breathtaking nature, jungle mountains and volcanoes - many of which are still active! But of course, your safety will be taken care of at all times. So don’t worry about a thing! Just make sure that you are reasonably fit, so that you can enjoy the trek. We have a number of tours to suit different abilities, from easy treks to challenging ones for expert hikers. Our trekking tours are recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy a more energetic holiday rather than city or beach breaks, and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Day trips in Bali

If your idea of the perfect vacation is relaxing on sandy beaches and bathing in pristine blue waters, then Bali makes the ideal destination. But as delightful as beaches are, there are days when you want to get out and about, and see something of the area. Book one of our day trips in Bali and visit temples and historical sites, mountains, museums and art galleries, and much more. You'll find a variety of excursions that offer the best of Bali; you could book a different one every day and still not see everything this beautiful island has to offer. So, check out our programme of day trips - you're sure to find many itineraries that will delight you.
Mountains and clouds

Day trips in Jakarta

If you're based in Jakarta, you're lucky - you can take an exciting array of day trips. Would you like to spot some of the extraordinary wealth of wildlife to be seen? Or enjoy an active day of water sports? Perhaps your interest is more in historical buildings, or the stunning temples dotted around the island. Or maybe you're keen to learn more about Indonesian culture and meet local people. We can also introduce you to local festivals and customs. Whatever your enthusiasm is for, you'll find that our day trips offer everything you need for an enjoyable and exciting holiday.
Rock climbing

Trekking trips abroad (Nepal, Japan, Peru)

As stunning as Indonesia is, we have to acknowledge the existence of other amazing destinations for trekking. Take one of our trips to countries including Japan, Peru and Nepal. Perhaps you'd like to scale Annapurna, or trek up the famous Machu Picchu? Whatever your chosen destination, you can be sure that you are in safe hands with us. Your trek will be led by highly experienced guides who will ensure that you enjoy your trip to the maximum. Let us show you the beauty of the landscape as you test your abilities; this kind of active holiday is ideal for anyone who is looking for more in life.

Snow trekker

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