Edelweiss flower is known as the eternal flower or everlasting flower. For me as a hiker, finding the beautiful blooms of Edelweiss on my treks is always a highlight.

Edelweiss the Eternal Flower

In many cultures Edelweiss is used as a symbol of eternal love along with romantic myths.

It is one of the beautiful flowers that grow in Indonesia only in certain altitudes. The way to find it? Climb a mountain!

In Indonesia itself, there are several mountains that have beautiful ‘gardens’ of Edelweiss.

Anaphalis Javanica

The Edelweiss that grows in Java is named Javanese Edelweiss. Confusingly in Latin this breed is named Anaphalis Javanica and worldwide it’s called Leontopodium Alpinum. Plenty of names for one flower.

Edelweiss is endemic to the alps zone. It grows typically between 2,000 – 3,000 MASL. Overall it is a rare flower to find and therefore Edelweiss in Indonesia is protected by the government stated in Law no. 5 of year 1990 concerning Conservation of Ecosystem Biodiversity.

Symbol of Eternal Love

It is strictly prohibited to pick it and take it home from the mountain.

The Edelweiss blooming season is during the months of April until August. Edelweiss doesn’t wilt easily, the reason why it is called everlasting flower. It survives by not withering in certain altitudes, depending on temperature and humidity.

It is specialized to this altitude, so much, that when it’s brought down to lower altitudes, it will wither and die.

Edelweiss belongs to the Daisy or Daisies family of flowers. The name itself has a German origin. It is composed of the two words: Edel and Weiss. Edel means Nobel and Weiss means white, put together Noble white. In Romania, Edelweiss is called Cliffhanger’s flower, as in the Romanian mountains, Edelweiss grows in high altitude of rocks. In Italy it’s called Stella Alpina which means Star of Alps.

Edelweiss in Mt. Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Other famous where Edelweiss grows well is on Mt. Kilimanjaro – Tanzania – Africa. But the flower size is different than what we have in Indonesia

Various methods were actually attempted to preserve Edelweiss, which was largely driven by Indonesia Forestry and Conservation Counselors. Even in Mt. Bromo – East Java, Edelweiss was cultivated by residents around Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

To experience walking through blooming Edelweiss fields on Java island, book your trekking trip to Mt. Gede, Mt. Semeru, Mt. Pangrango, Mt. Papandayan, or Mt. Bromo with us.


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