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Why Indonesia?
With more than 17,000 islands, less than half of which are inhabited, Indonesia has a wealth of landscapes and culture to offer the visitor. Temperatures vary little, making it a draw at any time of year (although you may prefer to visit some areas outside the rainy season). The more well-known destinations like Bali are of course well worth heading to, but there is so much more on offer that it’s hard to decide where to visit.

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Patrick Horend

Started camping and road trips at the age of 5 with my parents from East Germany to Bulgaria, rediscovered my love for the outdoors after moving to Abu Dhabi in 2009. Met Sania whilst leading many trips for the non – profit Abu Dhabi Dubai Adventurers with >50 trips to the mountain of Oman/UAE and the desert

Sania Puteri Rasyid

I have started hiking when I was still in high school. My first hike was Mt. Gede in West Java – Indonesia without realising it was hiking. Then I joined the scouts in school and till now I never stop hiking & exploring. I found the right non – profit group Abu Dhabi Dubai Adventurers when I lived in UAE for several years. And I met Patrick & Firas as my first mentors of leading the hike.

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Don’t worry if you’re having trouble choosing; we’ll be happy to recommend a tour for you. And of course, there’s always the option of coming back! Many visitors to these fascinating islands aren’t content to pay just one visit, and we would love to have the pleasure of your company again.

If you prefer a more sedate beach holiday, or love city life, then the beaches of Bali or the bustling of Jakarta will no doubt be right up your street. There’s also a huge biodiversity, which will delight wildlife lovers. But perhaps the biggest draw is the landscape. Volcanic craters, tropical rainforest, national parks … there’s so much beauty that you’ll be mesmerised wherever you go.

The volcanic landscape makes Indonesia perfect for a more active kind of holiday: trekking. There are over 100 volcanoes on Java alone, 30 of which are still active – but don’t worry, you’ll be kept perfectly safe by our expert guides. We have routes to suit all abilities, though a reasonable level of fitness is recommended so that you can get the most out of your trek.

Trekking holidays are wonderful as they make you feel that you have achieved something. So, if beach holidays are too lazy for you, we have many different options. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself and take on a more difficult route? Or do you simply want to experience the splendour of nature and gaze down on the landscape that has been shaped by the volcanoes over thousands of years? You can also trek through the rainforest, where you will have the pleasure of seeing some of the many animal, bird and plant species that exist on the islands. Perhaps even some of the more elusive species!

Trekking up a mountain or volcano may involve a lot of physical effort, but the rewards are immense. You’ll see sights like volcanic lakes, rainforests, and ancient temples. On some tours, you may be lucky enough to witness ceremonies that have been carried out for hundreds of years. Take the chance to learn something of Indonesian culture and religion – it will be sure to fascinate you.

Timeframes are as varied as the routes, ranging from just a few hours to several days. We have one-day treks that are ideal if you’re new to trekking, or want to mix active outings with more relaxed days on the beach. Or would you really like to get away from the modern world? A ten-day trek will help you disconnect completely. Perhaps you’ve only got a few days, and want to a tour that makes the most of that time. Do ask if you have any questions, or need our help in picking out your perfect trek.